Black Lives Matter: Resources

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Black-owned and Independent bookstores

To avoid buying from Amazon, check out:

L.E.M.S Bookstore

When buying from, be sure to select your local bookstore, and they will receive the proper proceeds.

Donations can be made via these platforms:

If you do not have the ability to donate money at this time, watch the following video to generate ad revenue that will be donated to appropriate organizations:

Other videos and playlists can be found here:


Justice for George Floyd
Julius Jones is Innocent
Justice For Breonna Taylor
Justice For Ahmaud Arbery

BIPOC Instagram mental health resources:

Black Mental Health Resources
BIPOC Mental Health Resources

Black authors, teachers, speakers, activists, and leaders to follow:

Note to white readers: when following these accounts, be respectful. Understand that you are there to listen, watch, and learn, not to be a burden. Don’t flood the comments and don’t invade inboxes or DMs. If you have more questions, start with Google. Have conversations with other white friends and family members. Contact our staff members via Bricolage social media pages.


Articles to read:

“The Long, Painful History of Police Brutality in the U.S.”
“How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change”

Black Artists To follow:

@zariazariazaria (Zaria: Actress)

@travon (Travon Free: Photographer @afreesframe)

@meena (Meena Harris: Founder & CEO of @phenomenal and author)

@shantell_martin (Shantell Martin: Producer, artist, speaker)

@angelamanueldavis (Angela Manuel-Davis: Entrepreneur, artist, speaker)

@peytondix (Peyton Dix: Content creator, writer, producer)

@danascruggs (Dana Scruggs: Photographer and creator)

@dopequeenpheebs (Phoebe Robinson: Comedian, writer, actress, producer)

@andreapippins (Andrea Pippins: Artist, author)

Additional Resources:

@antiracistbookclub (instagram)

Black-owned Seattle Restaurants:

For additional reading:

For email templates:

For films, videos, and podcasts:

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