Staff applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are closed. Hiring typically takes place during spring quarter. Follow us on social media to see when we will next be seeking applicants to join our team.

As a staff member, you not only get to experience the magical and wonderful hands-on process of publishing a journal, but you also get to participate in a highly motivated and creative group of your peers, immerse yourself into the artistic community of the UW, influence what goes into the journal, and make decisions on how the journal will be presented to the public.  

We’re seeking staff members who are:

  • Organized, skilled in time management
  • Enthusiastic about arts and literature
  • Willing to learn about Bricolage and carry out its mission

We do not require prior experience or participation in Bricolage per se, but naturally we do consider any experience as a factor when making our staff selections. Volunteering on the staff to create an issue of Bricolage is a very rewarding experience that will lend itself to future publishing opportunities. All staff members are eligible to receive internship credit through the English department in addition to the professional publishing experience gained. And of course, having your name published on the staff page of a journal that’s been around for forty plus years at a well-known academic institution isn’t half bad either!

We are committed to working towards a diverse and inclusive publishing industry and community. We encourage people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, gender and sexual identities, and ability statuses to apply. 

*Please note staff positions are only open to current undergraduate students on the UW Seattle campus for duration of the year you are applying to be on staff (if you are on a study abroad during this period of time, you will be unable to fulfill all of your job requirements, and are therefore ineligible to apply for a staff position).

Managing Editor

  • Coordinates and heads team meetings
  • Assists in managing email, website, and social media
  • Negotiates and communicates with booksellers
  • Oversees the general production of the journal

Prose, Poetry, and Visual Arts Editors

  • Reads all submissions in your section
  • Runs review meetings
  • Analyzes rubric and reviews
  • Manages email account
  • Communicates with submitters

Layout Editor

  • Designs promotional materials
  • Creates visual content for social media
    • Including photography
  • Creates book layout

Outreach Coordinator

  • Manages email, website, and social media
  • Coordinates marketing campaigns (tabling, classroom visits, etc.)
  • Create outreach and publicity materials

Development Coordinator

  • Keeps track of budget and inventory
  • Manages room/venue reservations
  • Coordinates fundraising campaigns (sponsors, selling, tabling, etc.)