About Us

Name and Mission

A “bricolage” is something that is created from a variety of materials. We think this is the perfect name for our literary and visual arts journal because it acknowledges the diverse styles of artistic mediums and genres that we publish, while at the same time recognizing the concordant nature of our publication.

Our mission is to collect works of high-quality literature, visual art, and music and produce a professional journal showcasing the creativity of the University of Washington’s talented and diverse individuals and community.

Issue 41 Masthead

Shea Formanes, Managing Editor, (she/they)

Shea is a UW senior, double-majoring in English (Creative Writing) and Cinema & Media Studies. Born and raised in New York City, she grew up with a passion to understand the interconnected relationships between people’s environment, which influenced her love of creative writing, film, and publishing.    

Annie Melnick, Managing Editor, (she/her)

Annie is a junior majoring in English Language and Literature, as well as minoring in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. She loves writing short stories, reading dystopian fiction, watching cheesy romantic comedies, and drinking an excessive amount of coffee. Excited for her second year at Bricolage, Annie enjoys seeing all of the creative talent at UW, and is looking forward to bringing Issue 41 to life.

Emma Mesman, Poetry Editor, (she/her)

Emma is a senior studying art history. She loves reading, knitting, doing either of those activities in cafes, impulsively dyeing her hair, and taking long walks in Ravenna Park. Emma is also the co-president of Poetry Club at UW, and spends entirely too much time thinking about Ocean Vuong. She wants to be a librarian when she grows up.

Megan Matti, Prose Editor, (she/her)

Megan is a senior at UW studying Journalism and Sociology. She loves sad literary fiction, cooking elaborate pasta dishes, and Great British Bake Off. In her free time, Megan bakes copious amounts of focaccia, writes for The Daily, and knits. She’s excited to see what this year’s writers create and to read all of the submissions.

Em Chan, Visual Arts Editor, (he/they)

Em is a senior at UW studying Art History and English. He is interested in accessibility in the arts, and has a soft spot for artworks that engage with the materiality and temporality of migration, identity, and memory. He loves red bean soup, D&D, rhinoceros beetles, and Felix Gonzales-Torres. In their free time, they paint meat, write poems, and make mini zines.

Isabel Campisteguy, Layout Editor, (she/her)

Isabel is a senior majoring in English Language and Literature with a minor in Dance. She loves spending time indoors painting pretty girls, getting through a long to-read list, playing Splatoon 3, and attempting to propagate her plants. When she is not hiding inside, Isabel enjoys taking her dog Kasper out hiking, to a dog park to roll in a mud puddle, and trudging two hours through the snow for a 3-minute snowboard down. Her goal in life is to combine her two passions of art and literature with publishing children’s fiction.

Emma Peterson, Outreach Coordinator, (she/her)

Emma is a sophomore majoring in Comparative History of Ideas. While she loves beautiful prose and big books, her Goodreads annual challenge is quite lacking. Her other interests like buying wacky clocks and conditional formatting spreadsheets tend to cut into her reading time. She enjoys baking bread in dutch ovens, going to the gym, and obsessing over her 14 lb cat.