Submissions for Issue 41 are CLOSED.

Send us your dreams, visions, prayers, and private universes. We can’t wait to hear from you!


You may submit in as many categories as you like. If you do so, please group your submissions according to category and complete the submission form one time per category. For example, if you have three prose submissions and one poetry submission, the three individual prose files will be submitted in one iteration of the form and the single poetry file will be submitted in a second, separate iteration. 

PROSE:   (e.g. fiction, creative non-fiction, anecdotal essays, plays, scripts)

  • You may submit no more than 2 entries. Maximum limit per entry is 15 pages, double-spaced.

POETRY:   (e.g. free verse, blank verse, limericks, haikus, sonnets)

  • You may submit no more than 3 entries. Maximum limit per entry is 2 pages, single-spaced.

VISUAL ART:   (e.g. photographs, drawings, paintings, design/graphic work) 

  • You may submit no more than 4 entries. Maximum file size per entry is 10MB.

MUSIC:   (e.g. orginal pop, rock, EDM, classical, jazz, indie, spoken-word)

  • You may submit no more than 3 entries. Maximum limit per entry is 100MB.
  • Please do not submit covers.


Bricolage Literary & Visual Arts Journal only accepts unpublished submissions. If your prose, poetry, music, or visual art work has been previously published, we will not consider it for publication. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer compensation at this time. 

Contributors retain all rights but are asked to acknowledge Bricolage as first publisher if poems reappear in books or anthologies.

We will allow simultaneous submissions, but you must let us know when you submit that the piece is under consideration with multiple publishers. If your piece gets accepted for publication elsewhere, please notify us immediately.

We DO NOT accept academic/research papers, critical essays, news articles, or technical documents.

All submissions are reviewed anonymously. Please DO NOT include your name anywhere within the document or in its file name. The submission form WILL record your name, which will only be revealed AFTER we have made final decisions.

For collaborative projects, it is the responsibility of the submitting writer/artist to obtain permission from each participant prior to submission.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we are unable to review any submissions that do not adhere to the following guidelines. 


  1. Make a separate file for each work you submit.
  2. Ensure that your submission is as free as possible from errors.
  3. If prose or poetry: Format your submission to be 12pt font in either Times New Roman or Arial.
  4. If prose, poetry, or visual arts: Apart from the body of the submission, include only your UW Student ID NumberDo NOT include any part of your name in the file. 
  5. Save your file in this format: “category—title of work—student ID number.docx” Do NOT include any additional information in the file name. All file names MUST follow this format. Example: Prose—The Tale of the Husky—0714589.doc 
  6. Go to the SUBMISSIONS FORM.
  7. Complete the submission form once for each section to which you would like to submit. Example: If you are submitting to prose and poetry, complete and submit the submissions form twice.
  8. If submission is multi-part: complete the “Multi-Part Submissions” section of the form only once, when submitting files for the final part of the submission. Example: If your submission includes prose and music, and you submit the prose first and the music second, fill out the “Multi-Part Submissions” section while completing the form in which you are submitting music.
  9. If you have any general questions, send them to or message us on social media.
  10. If you have questions about a specific section, send them to for prose, for poetry, and for visual art.